21 October 2010

remembering the Blind Owl

I've been working on a collection of poems calld Ohio Triangle for quite a while. each section of the book focuses on an important city in my life. opening section is "Elyria" & was publishd as a chapbook last year by Crisis Chronicles Press. middle section is "Cleveland" which is ready for publication as a chapbook. & I'm still working on the final section "Kent."

one of the poems in that last grouping is "Blind Owl (1964-65)." & now I've discoverd a wonderful little history of the folk music venue by Roger Thurman (who stage-managed a high school musical for which I wrote publicity many years ago).

altho I saw several of the famous performers listd in Thurman's piece there are so many more I didn't but now wish I had. after all these years I can still bring back the feeling of sitting in that little black space drinking hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick & waiting for the music to begin.

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