16 October 2010

happy Sweetest Day

my mother celebrates every holiday & when there isn't one makes the day into one. this year she sent me money to get my neighbors Sweetest Day gifts from her.

since there is already a Valentines Day which I always presumd was begun by candymakers as a way to boost profits I never understood exactly what this Sweetest Day is. then this morning I discoverd via a Facebook post that the holiday was begun in Cleveland. I checkd Wikipedia & found that indeed it was begun in Cleveland. & yes its guise was to cheer the less fortunate but was actually another means to peddle sweets since it was creatd by candy manufacturers.

besides the Cleveland connection I like that Theda Bara was slightly involvd in pushing the holiday. I'm sure Cleveland's candy merchants learnd a great deal abt promotion from Hollywood & this cross-pollination tickles me.

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