22 October 2010

as I age

dance becomes an ever more poignant art.

I'm just back from seeing Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. this extraordinary company of beautiful young people delights on so many levels. but there was a moment in "Uneven" when Sam Chittenden was alone on stage that was a sort of personal time warp. his movements -- of hands & legs then whole body -- suddenly propeld me into a space in which I was my current self as well as a long ago self. it didn't last long but I was suddenly living several moments of my life. I was young & flexible & moving as if time didn't matter. & I was old & lumpy & aware of my ending. all the while physically confined to my seat but with my spirit soaring freely toward the ceiling of the theater.

it made me think that as much as I've loved dance all my life it matters more now. what happend to me tonite cdn't have happend to me 30 years ago or 20 or probably even 10.


richard lopez said...

beautifully expressed, alex. you are ageless.

Tom Beckett said...

Great post about a little satori. Sometimes portals blink open/blink shut and in the gap one feels (however finitely,however paradoxically) eternal.

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