31 October 2010

overheard at Love Field

"the devil is the author of confusion"


part of the curse of the cell phone is that in public places we have no choice but to enter into private lives of strangers. much of what one hears in passing on the street or at the grocery store or in an airport is boring in scope & banal in delivery. so I was surprisd yesterday when a woman passing my gate sd this. since that was all I heard as she went by I have no idea of context. is it original or a quotation?


Bill Fogle said...

It sounds "Christian" to me. Perhaps (giving the benefit of the doubt) the speaker was referring to C.S. Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters," a book about the modern-day activities of Satan. Word verification: ensure.

AlexG said...

Regina identified this as a line of Robert Burton. I suspect if it had been by Richard Burton I'd have recognizd it.