19 October 2010

levy online

Joanne Cornelius announces that Cleveland Memory Project updated its d. a. levy website. among the new material is rare 1967 footage of the Fugs performing at the levy/Lowell defense benefit.

also available are page-by-page scans of many publications levy edited     including Marrahwannah Quarterly. here is a poem of mine which appeard in that legendary publication in 1966:


-K- said...

I was probably not yet a teenager and living in Cleveland when d.a. levy was being arrested, more than once if memeory serves. In the news he was synonomous with 'crackpot degenerate artist'. I'd be curious if there was anyone in the media sticking up for him at that time. (Doubtful.)

AlexG said...

the mainstream press of the day was conservative & vilified levy. however he got support from Dick Feagler. this is surprising because the Plain Dealer writer began as a Republican. Feagler had a long career as a columnist & ended up with some rather progressive views.

Jesus Crisis said...

Very cool!