05 October 2010

crossd the arroyo to go to my neighborhood office supply store to purchase a new desk lamp. they had a DVD sale. it's impossible for me not to peruse any DVD sale. I pickd one -- the 1949 "Batman & Robin" serial featuring durable Lyle Talbot as Commissioner Gordon.

as I was checking out the saleslady told me that was a very popular item. "you must have a little guy at home" she sd. "yup" I replied "the little guy is me."

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richard lopez said...

ha! me neither, i can't pass by a stall of dvds without stopping and eyeballing them. bummer but that there was a very good store that specialized in used vhs and dvds called video clearance center. their main catalog, i think it was their bread and butter, was a huge inventory of porn titles. but they also had an excellent selection of b flicks, imports, horror, indie and exploitation movies. it closed up shop last year. i miss it greatly.