17 October 2009

"Making Circles"

for some years now I've been trying to get this book out into the world. no need to chronicle publishers or delays. the other day I was talking to Todd Moore abt my frustration & my feeling to self-publish it as an e-book. he encouragd me. so here goes.

I've turnd it into a PDF file. it takes a bit to download (5.2 MB) but if you want it send me yr e-mail address & I'll forward it. it's not perfect: original spacing got alterd for reasons I don't understand & I'm still not savvy enuf to know how to correct.

for some years I've been working outside traditional forms -- sometimes outside words. I'm not much for schools of poetry or labels for art. so is this vispo or conceptual art or something else? I don't care what it is. but I do care abt it & want it out in the world. & if this is the only way it is a way.


Bill Fogle said...


It will take some time for me to go through "Lists" (that's what the pdf was titled, in any case) as I wish to, as I intend to.

My first thought is that you have honored the fact that so much of poetry is in the objects and events we encounter ... outside words, as you said. Certain collections of objects cause me such pain I avoid them, and maps reduce me to tears. Also joy, of course.

My second thought is that I am hardly qualified to speculate on your work. I'm oddly provincial and uneducated, even in artistic things. My favorite painter is Andrew Wyeth. Really. Nevertheless I have ability to see, and to frame things.

I look forward to your collection as Halloween comes, then the starkness of November sets in. I'll enjoy reading it in the chilly evenings. I look forward to talking to you a little bit about it.


AlexG said...

thx for yr response. this is an important collection for me.

John Burroughs said...

I'm in bed perusing "Making Circles" now. Wow! Thanks for sending it to me.

Anonymous said...