22 October 2009

I try

to live in the moment. but I've been around so long that my past is vast & likes to intrude.

much of today was spent in a back & forth online with someone once close with whom I've had no contact for at least 15 years. all manner of memories came to the surface. then I saw the Hockney doc "A Bigger Splash" for the 1st time in decades. it was finishd just months before I met David. so it's a true time capsule for me.

my favorite part is mid-film. you see him enter a quite fabulous shower at his place in Powis Terrace. then we cut to naked boys in an LA pool. finally back to the shower. using that shower is a special memory for me. & then one of those LA boys is Mark Lipscomb who I met at Mr. Henry's in Georgetown a few months before meeting David in London.

so a swirl of past faces & bodies. but all in context of now so that the past becomes present as I process. I avoid analysis because it's such a jumble. those words I wrote at the beginning of this are already past. not as past as the smell of David's cigar at breakfast but still a past.

so I'll finish this & press "publish post." I'll get back to my green tea & make a list of things to do manana.


Stephen said...

Wow... first, I understand how a conversation or piece of music can jog a memory & take you back to a place & time. I am so excited that you know & have encountered Mr. Hockney, who is a favorite figure of mine:

I am enjoying & challanged by your work. I am so thankful to have discovered you.

Bill Fogle said...

There was a Mr. Henry's in Georgetown? The only one I know is on Capitol Hill. Pennsylvania Ave. Roberta Flack was discovered there singing on the 2nd floor (I am recycling this ...).

Enjoyed this post. I knew you knew him. This is how I feel sometimes when I watch that Jobriath documentary (about the Chelsea Hotel).

You were certainly beautiful enough to have known the celebrities. But I realize it was more than that (or I believe so, anyway!).

Seriously, this was a nice piece of writing. Wow. I'm re-reading.

AlexG said...

Stephen -- many thx. & I enjoy yr blog as well.

Bill -- we're talking 33 years ago but at that time the bar at that Mr. Henry's was the place.