20 October 2009

bringing back Bruz

I remember driving back from Malibu, with Bruz Fletcher and finding his house, in Laurel Canyon burned to the ground
-- James Broughton

Bruz Fletcher was on his way to being forgotten when Tyler Alpern found him. he dedicatd a website to the performer & now has producd a book. Bruz Fletcher: Camped, Tramped & A Riotous Vamp is for the moment "a private, collector's only edition." it includes my poem "Bruz Fletcher Entertains at Club Bali." there are wonderful photos & loving research into Hollywood's gay scene in the 1930s. it's my hope that the book will find its way to a wider audience.


Bill Fogle said...
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almosteva said...

Actually, a public version of the Fletcher book IS available and it also contains Alex's great poem. Both the poem and the book can be found at the site Alex linked to in the blog. Congratulations on your new book, Alex! I am fascinated by it. Cheers, Tyler