07 October 2009


coming this weekend from Crisis Chronicles Press which just happens to be an Elyria imprint (love child of John Burroughs).


John Burroughs said...

It's an honor and pleasure to have the opportunity to publish these excellent poems, which are especially dear to me since I've lived most of my life in Elyria. Thank you, Alex!

P.S. I'll post ordering information and an excerpt from the book on the Crisis Chronicles site in the next day or so. Friday the 9th is the semi-official release date.

AlexG said...

I did that cover painting of Garford Elementary School when I was 5 or 6. it was chosen to appear in a booklet Elyria Public Schools did calld "We Go to School." that was my 1st publication. copies of it are in Kent State University Libraries & Harry Ransom Center in Austin.

Anonymous said...

how cool!!! but i think your school need to go solar!

AlexG said...

well Luca altho the building still exists it's no longer a school. I have no idea how it's heatd these days.

but I'm pleasd that the same piece from my 1st publication is appearing again 60 years later in another publication with an Elyria imprint.

Stephen said...

I love your work... even the stuff you produced in grade school.

Bill Fogle said...

Fabulous Alex!!! Joy!