11 November 2008

one of the joys

of the DVD glut is the availability of rare &/or forgotten material.

last nite I watchd one of my fave '50s hunks Scott Brady in 4 episodes of "Shotgun Slade." this modest western series featurd the brawny actor with a slew of fascinating guest stars & a boisterous score by Gerald Fried. 2 of the guests were of particular note to me. Donald Murphy   who like Fried calld Santa Fe home   was perhaps more model than actor but had some enjoyable screen time. William Roerick was primarily a stage actor. over the years I saw him several times   inc as leading man to such greats as Judith Anderson & Carolyn Jones. it was lovely to see them both in their primes. & of course great to see Brady. he was never a major star but had a long career in which he workd with pantheon directors. I saw him once -- the only time I went to the Oscars. he'd become a beefy character actor by then but the boy in me still did a quick swoon in memory of who we both had been.

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Jack said...

Aw, c'mon. If you talk about the hunk, you gotta show him.