04 November 2008

I didn't vote

early because I love the experience of standing in line to vote.

so you can imagine my chagrin when I arr'd at my polling place 45 minutes after it opend & found no line. zero. zip. nada. I felt so sad being deprivd of that to which I'd been so looking forward. I was the 27th person in my precinct to vote. I know there was a record early vote in Santa Fe but it still was disappointing not to be able to stand with my neighbors in this historic election.

& now that long nerve-wracking wait till the results. I take nothing for grantd so I'm worried.


malibu boy said...

That worries me because isn't New Mexico one of the crucial states that Obama needs to have a heavy turnout in?

Anonymous said...

My voting building (always the same school) was empty and quiet. I didn't see anyone, there was no electricity or excitement in the air. It felt odd.