25 November 2008

10 turkeys

(excerpts from Alex in Movieland)

celebrates Thxgiving in Elyria with turkey with his parents     paternal grandparents     Sophie & Jim Hause     Ann & Harold Nolan & cousin Robert     followd by watching Evelyn Rudie play Eloise on “Playhouse 90”

fixes Thxgiving dinner in Twin Lakes for his parents
throws "leftovers" party next day with guests including Hazel Janicki & William Schock

feasts on Thxgiving dinner at Manhattan home of Peter Burnell & Gerald Mast

sees "The Life of Brian" with David Meredith in Pittsburgh on Thxgiving before joining Jon Carpenter for dinner at a terrible Chinese restaurant

shares Thxgiving lunch at Gumbo Shop in New Orleans with Ira Joel Haber

celebrates Thxgiving with his parents & Dimitri at Julia Waida's in Kent

watches Alice Ripley on Macy's Thxgiving Parade broadcast with his parents in Elyria before arrival of Sal & Frank Kovach     Sophie & Jim Hause for turkey dinner

observes Thxgiving in Santa Fe with a toast at Bernique Longley's followd by buffet at Arlene Stone's

enjoys Thxgiving dinner at Two Bunch Palms in Desert Hot Springs with Bill Berger

wears his Judy Henske t-shirt to walk on Short Sands Beach on Oregon coast with Garold Gardner on Thxgiving
reminisces abt T. R. Queen with Lloyd Pauze while the turkey roasts


Anonymous said...

You are a true diarist. I really believe there are people who don't notch their walking sticks or take note of the tides. That's taking people, life, for granted.

cinemage books said...

Glad to be included in your turkey memories