08 November 2008

Obama bread

I resistd. but neighbor Rita insistd.

she gave me starter for a bread which she'd been given. apparently it's some sort of pass-it-on event which supposdly began at the Vatican. my disdain for religions was reason enuf to not take it. but my lack of skill at baking was another.

I was instructd to put the starter in a glass bowl. I used an outsize brandy snifter which once held M&Ms. I coverd it & waitd till I was instructd to stir with a wooden spoon. all of this was taking place during the election.

on the phone last nite Mom told me I must follow the complex & never-ending instructions completely or the bread wdn't work. this morning I lost patience & emptied the snifter several days before schedule.

the first bread is just out of my toaster oven & quite tasty. I didn't put in the ingredients I didn't have & add'd cranberries. I'm making a second loaf now which I'll give to Rita.


Anonymous said...

Alex, I approve of your baking and your budding domesticity. Call me if you ever get stuck with gnocchi or cinnamon rolls. (Have you ever read anything by journalist Janet Malcolm?)

AlexG said...

are you clairvoyant? I love gnocchi. & cinnamon rolls are a fave. of course I'd never try to actually make either.

afraid I don't know JM.

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Anonymous said...