11 June 2006

somewhere over the rainbow it's my party

because yesterday was Judy Garland's birthday I presumd her new stamp wd be available. so I went to the p.o. only to find they didn't have it yet. on the walk back my mind was having one of its rambles. I recalld that Rainbow Vision   the gay retirement center a couple of blocks from my house   was having its grand opening. I wonderd if they'd consciously chosen Judy's birthday.

so I went to the opening. too many dreary speeches from the owner/operators & assembld pols courting the gay vote. the only stand-out was by Connie Kurtz of "Ruthie & Connie" fame. I returnd at nite for a concert by Lesley Gore who recently turnd 60. she sang a mix of her old hits & new tunes   opening the show with a song she wrote with Dean Pitchford on whom I once had a chrush.

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