27 June 2006

a bitch slap to come?

Cuppa never forgave Aaron Spelling for divorcing Carolyn Jones. but she's also a major fan of trash tv. & the schlockmeister producd more crappy tv than anyone in history. so she's contemplating throwing a "Dynasty" party in his memory. guests will have to come as their favorite character.

naturally La Meringue will be Crystal. she sort of looks slike Joan Collins. well Collins on the Potatot Diet (mashd potatoes for lunch   french fries for dinner   sweet potato pie before bed).

I haven't done drag since Susan Kirby's Halloween party when I was 12 but I was thinking maybe Barbara Stanwyck as Constance Colby?

I just pity whoever comes as Linda Evans. Cuppa's apartment building does have a pool & she's what I'd call formidable.

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