13 June 2006

of dicks & slippery lips

so my local paper runs an article abt the Institute of Phallology. this museum in Iceland features some well-hung examples. the biggest is 5' 2". that penis belongd to a sperm whale.

then I flippd thru Vanity Fair & there was an article exploring "the blowjob's emergence as the nation's signature sex act." next I opend Out & in the contributors notes was a stunning portrait of Mark Simpson revealing his pubes. next came GQ with a piece on Josh Lucas. the first photo was supposd to feature "the most quintessentially American shirt." what shirt? the shot focuses on his crotch.

finally I had to stop reading & take a cold shower.

1 comment:

Regality said...

Uh...I hope you did something else BEFORE taking the cold shower.