18 June 2006

bittersweet Fathers Day

Dad's in hospital hookd up to a heart monitor. I'm flying to Ohio tomorrow.

here he is on one of last year's visits with his famous pancakes:

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durlx said...

Alex, do your best with this, as I know you will.

You are quite fortunate to have Cuppa to help you through; she's full of wisdom and wit, and probably a great deal of sense when faced with adversity.

tejaz said...

i wish i had something pretty to say, but i don't. love ya buddy, and my thoughts are of you and yours.

mass said...

Take good care, Alex. I'll keep you and your parents in my thoughts.

Regality said...

Good thoughts to you and all your family during this most difficult time. Have a safe trip.

rob2 said...

We are hoping for the best, Alex. As others have said, our thoughts go with you.

Steve said...

Dear Alex,

Thoughts and care with you up to Ohio to see your father.