10 June 2006

a couple of stars shining brightly

30 years ago I saw Lily Tomlin perform live for the first time on the Kent State campus. it was also 30 years ago that I saw Meryl Streep perform live for the first time in one-acts by Tennessee Williams & Arthur Miller off-Broadway.

yesterday I saw them together in a movie for the first time. "A Prairie Home Companion" may not be Altman's greatest film but watching these two magnificent women perform together is such a joy that I had a grin every time they were on screen. one expects perfection from Streep but watch Tomlin carefully. she gives a performance of nuance & depth.


richard lopez said...

but overall, other than streep's and tomlin's performances, how was the movie? i'm rather a hit and miss fan of altman, he's done some marvelous work, such as m.a.s.h., the player and vincent and theo, are a few of my faves, but i'm rather sceptical of his taking up a camera for keillor's radio show. i must confess to not reading any reviews of the movie, and thought when it is released on disc i'll have a looksee.

irajoel said...

Some Meryl stories. The 1st time I saw her was in a production of The Cherry Orchard, where she pretty much walked off with the show. I remember thinking, wow what a terrific young actress, wonder if she'll go anywhere.
Next story. I was in a nice show of sculptors at the albright knox gallery in Buffalo in 1980 and one of the artists of eight was a fellow named Don Gummer, one night at dinner I was sitting next to him, and he said that his wife was going to be on the cover of I think Time or Newsweek, wow I replied, who are you married to Margaret Thatcher? No he said Meryl Streep. Next story. I used to live in a loft building and my downstairs neighbor was a fashion designer. One sunday morning my bell rang and when I went to see who it was there stood Meryl Streep who had come by to get a fitting for a dress that she was going to wear to the Oscars, she said she was sorry about ringing my bell, and I just stood there open mouth. One day I was having a slice of Pizza in a soho joint again in the early 80's summer, and Don, Meryl and their kids walked by. Didn't run out after them. The last Meryl sighting was a year or so ago, as I walked up 17th street off 5th, there she was walking on the opposite side of the street, and no I didn't run across the street to tell her how much I love her etc. She is one of our great actresses, and I'll watch her even in fluff like Prime. There will be no plastic surgery on her regal face.

AlexG said...

Richard --
this isn't Altman's greatest but probably is the best movie ever made by an 81 y/o director. & it may be the funniest movie ever made abt death. one has the feeling thruout that it's his valedictory.

Ira --
don't you remember that we saw her in "Cherry Orchard" together? that was after I'd seen her in the one-acts so I was already a fan.

irajoel said...

yes of course I remember seeing it with you.