26 June 2006

another centennial

on Dad's last nite in hospital Mom & I were unwinding at the house before bed. she wantd a hot fudge sundae. I sd we didn't have sauce. she sd she still had a jar of C.C. Brown's hot fudge sauce I'd sent years ago squirreld away. when I pulld it out of its hiding place I saw on its sticker that C.C. Brown's began in 1906.

it was first locatd in downtown LA where Brown inventd the hot fudge sundae in 1922. it movd to 7007 Hollywood Blvd in 1929 & soon became the ice cream fountain of the stars. it was a fave of Joan Crawford & Kate Hepburn as well as a pair of my particular Hollywood icons Elizabeth Short & James Dean. I first went there abt 30 years ago. in mar 85 I was interviewd while pouring the famous sauce from its cruet onto the sundae by a USC student. I have no idea if that doc was ever finishd or still exists but wd love to see it. the place closed in 1996 but a smaller version opend a few years ago next to the new Schwab's in Hollywood. that experiment didn't last long. however the sauce is still made & can be purchasd online.

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