18 June 2005

the umbrella hanging from Spencer Short's doorknob

I see
only the handle
& presume
it's an umbrella

the poet
in the photo
looks askance

his lips
are generous

I presume
it's not
a cane

the poet
doesn't look
at me

but those
generous lips

& the umbrella
not a cane
hangs there
for the rain


Tom Beckett said...

I like this poem, Alex.

Tom Beckett said...
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richard lopez said...

I like this poem too. where did you find the photo of Short? I've read his book _Tremelo_ which I found to be quite good.

AlexG said...

thx to both of you.

the photo was on his website Mediocrity's Co-pilot.

jeff w said...

umbrellas & rain
with lips
ah yes

tejaz said...

thanks alex.