11 June 2005

there are days like this

sadness infiltrates. Tom Beckett projects a sad edge on his blog. & Charles Jensen withdrew an elegy & went silent on his.

then the morning paper announcd the death of a local actress who kept on appearing in plays while battling breast cancer. we often chattd on the bus.

all the while that war keeps slaughtering people. no one wins there but Halliburton.

guess I'll go to the movies...


Tom Beckett said...

of these days,
my friend, we should get together
for a movie.

You wouldn't, by the way, know anyone who has a copy of The Seventh Victim?

AlexG said...
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AlexG said...

it's a date.

& I don't know where you can get yr hands on that film. BTW I once met its original writer DeWitt Bodeen. quite the raconteur.

Tom Beckett said...

I've never seen the film, but Ashbery has a great essay about it in his Selected Prose.