13 June 2005

mystery bird

2 mornings ago I was sprawld on my brick floor reading the morning rag. outside the glass door beside me a majestic bird walkd by. by the time I got my camera it was too far away to get a good shot.

it returnd today & I was able to get this (altho I fear by the time it gets reducd you may not be able to see the bird which is to the right of the yellow flower). not visible is the little white tuft that sprouts from its head.

abt a decade ago I got a pamphlet detailing local birds & became quite the watcher. but as often happens with such activities my dedication to it lessend & now I can't locate the book.

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Tom Beckett said...

I think the bird is a type of quail.

richard lopez said...

I dunno, have you tried to look online for the bird's id. this afternoon I tried looking online for a type of spider we found building a web in our bedroom, on the upper part of the drapes to the window facing the front porch. man, was that creature big, round, hairy, colored black with a white spot on its top abdomen. the spider was so big, about the size of a silver dollar that it scared the shit out of me. and I'm normally not so squeamish. anyway, Anna suggested searching the net but there are literally thousands of species of spiders and had no luck. but it was big! and had an attitude to boot. it didn't take kindly to being relocated to the backyard where I wished it peace for the rest of its spiderlife.