08 June 2005

in search of Karl Tierney

there was a time when I discoverd the new early & championd those on the verge of fame. but as I age it's harder to keep up. everyone seems to write poetry or make movies or play in a band or paint.

or perhaps I'm lazy.

I know that when it comes to poetry I read less than I did. I don't subscribe to a single poetry journal. I no longer linger before the shelves of such as the Asphodel Bookstore.

so somehow I missd Karl Tierney.

the new issue of Court Green features 2 poems of his which knockd me out. so I went to the contributors notes to discover who he was. I learnd he had AIDS when he died nearly a decade ago. a search told me that he rode his bicycle to the Golden Gate & jumpd off. the slap that is discovery was followd by the kick of reality. I'm suddenly black & blue. but I need more. I must find more of this man's work. the notes say that a collectd works is seeking a publisher. I hope it finds one soon.

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