17 June 2005

dollar DVDs

a few weeks ago Bill Reed had an entry calld "the buck flick phenom." he wrote abt finding cheap DVDs in local stores. so I went to my nearby Walgreen's & there indeed was a bin of bargains. I discoverd several which lookd promising & have been working my way thru.

last nite I found gold. the disk held 3 episodes of Jack Webb's "Dragnet" from the early '50s. I remember the series from childhood. the first episode "The Big Crime" had a turn by character actor Howard Wendell as a Good Humor man. Howard's parents had a house only a block away from where I grew up. when he came to visit I met him & stayd in touch over the years.

& then in the final episode "The Big Girl" there was a scene-stealing bit by a young Carolyn Jones as a gun-toting blonde. this was so early in her career that the credits listd her as "Caroline Jones." she & her then husband Aaron Spelling appeard several times on the series (as did Wendell). in this part she was so obviously full of talent & so young that it was utter joy to watch her.

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tejaz said...

i love diggin through the discount movie bin. a good find is like cracker jacks for grown ups.