28 August 2020

Dinos Christianopoulos

 he died 2 weeks ago in the Thessaloniki he rarely left. he was 89.

we met at his gallery in 1987. somewhere I have notes of that. after we met he translated my poem "For Jim Provenzano's 19th Birthday" into Greek. it was publishd later that year.

just now I was going thru some files & found a journal I kept online when I got my first computer.  it commentd on a manuscript I was working on my with partner who was Greek  -- translations into English of Christianopoulos. I rememberd we'd translatd a very short poem of his on the plane to Greece & showd it to him. but I'd forgotten we workd on more after returning. I knew no Greek so I suspect it was the same as with the one Cavafy poem I did a version of. my partner did a literal translation which I then turnd into English a la Robert Lowell.

I don't have a copy of the translations & my partner kept no possessions on going to the next stage of his life. 

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