05 March 2014

the way we were

it's early sept of 1963 on Winckles St in Elyria.  & I had a dinner party for some high school friends before going back to our respective universities.

now this was more than a half century ago.  so I'm wobbly on details. such as why these friends were wearing chitons.  I presume it was because we knew we'd be celebrating the grape.

from left to right: Sally Hewitt   Martha Braun   Charmaine Szanyi   Roberta Elzey.

I believe Sally married early on. she disappeard from my radar. last I heard she was living in South Carolina.  the other three have remaind friends over these decades.  Martha is an artist who lives in Massachusetts.  Charmaine & her husband are retired high school teachers who came to my farewell party for 429 last year.  Roberta is a poet/teacher in London.

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