10 March 2014

"Route 66"

back in the '60s this was one of the best series on tv. for the most part the writing was good.  the directors & cast members were first rate. & it was so refreshing to have location shooting.

tonite I watchd an episode shot in Santa Fe. it was calld "A Skill for Hunting." here are some photos I captured on my iPad:

series stars Martin Milner & George Maharis on the plaza

at La Fonda

& in a room at the hotel with guest star Gene Evans who plays one of the most disgusting villains on tv. his wife is playd with gusto by Joanna Moore who had a successful tv career but is largely forgotten today.

much of the episode was shot in areas outside town where I've probably hiked. there are also glimpses of Palace of the Governors & the cathedral.

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Chip said...

Joanna Moore was the mother of Oscar-winner Tatum O'Neal.