18 March 2014


yesterday on my landline I got 3 calls.  all askd for money. it's rare that I get any calls at all.  probably because I don't phone people with any frequency.

after 9/11 I got a cell phone. but few have that number because I hardly ever use it. I take it with me on trips because pay phones have pretty much disappeard.

I love the internet & travel with an ipad which I consult frequently.  but I disdain the constant chatter I hear from people on their cells. I once heard a woman at an airport breaking up with her boyfriend ever so loudly on a phone.  I don't care. & I must restrain my belligerence when people at my grocery store slow down in front of me because they're trying to talk & shop at the same time. & where are the stats on the number of fools who have killd themselves & others by yaking while driving.

the down side of not using my cell is I don't get naked pix on instagram or tweets from some red carpet or whatever happens on Grindr. if that makes me a fossil so be it.


Alex Gildzen said...

& today a robo-call that began "hello seniors." almost crackd the plastic slamming the phone down.

Radish King said...

When it came time to trade in my 1980s style phone for a new model the guy at the store asked if I had ever used it. I only call my son with it and various doctors to make appointments. That's it. I despise it really and truly but I don't open my door when anyone knocks either there's that.

Alex Gildzen said...

the cell phone I got after 9/11 stoppd working. I took it in to see if it cd be repaird. the girl at the desk lookd at me strangely & askd how long I'd had it. apparently it was museum-worthy. I had no idea that most people throw their phone away after a year & get the newest model.