20 August 2013

those P'town summers

I've written before abt visiting Gerald Mast & Peter Burnell on the Cape. now I get to share a bit of that on David W. Dunlap's glorious site Building Provincetown. little by little Dunlap -- with the help of current & former residents -- is documenting the history of every building there. anyone who has spent any time there will delight in this site.

David Meredith took this picture of me with Peter & Gerald at 581 Commercial St.

the very last time I was a houseguest with them there I went out with both of them & David to see Wayland Flowers perform. now all 4 of them are dead. I feel old.

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DNBursky said...

As a new fan of Peter's from his work on "The Doctors" which is shown on the cable network Retro-TV thank you for sharing your memories. They are not forgotten.