22 August 2013

let me back up

so I was in Hollywood. I met up with Lois & May in the parking lot of the Cinerama Dome. as we waitd around a sexy young man came up to me & askd if the woman I was with was Lois Wilson.  I sd yes.  he sd his grandmother wd like to speak with her. well his grandmother turnd out to be the elegant Doris Kenyon who had appeard with Lois in the Valentino costume drama "Monsieur Beaucaire."

that was just the beginning of an amazing day. next Lois & I got into an actual 1929 Model A Ford with Ruby Keeler & her daughters. we then were part of a parade down Hollywood Blvd.  at one point someone dressd as Keeler's onetime husband Al Jolson began to run alongside the car.

we ended up at KTLA -- which in its day was Warner Brothers Studios. there the stamp was unveild. we got a copy in a booklet which I had a few of the assembld stars sign. (it's now part of my papers at Kent State.)

next we were off to lunch at the Palladium where we mingled with other silent screen stars (Jetta Goudal & Carmel Myers) as well as former Warners heavyweights (Jane Wyman & Olivia DeHavilland).

when it was over another young man came up to Lois.  it turnd out to be Boyd Willat whose father had directd her.

in those pre-digital days we didn't carry cameras with us everywhere.  & it was long before the internet which seems to document everything.  so I had seen no photos from that day until yesterday.  while searching Bobby Gordon I discoverd an article by John Hollon in the LA Times. & there was a photo of Keeler.  I keep hoping that someone filmd either the parade or the ceremony or something from the lunch.  or that at least some photos will surface.

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