21 August 2013

movie ramblings

today is the centennial of director Robert Gordon ("It Came From Beneath the Sea"). his last film was a western shot in Santa Fe.

but he startd his career as child actor Bobby Gordon. & it was Bobby -- not Al Jolson -- who first spoke in "The Jazz Singer." that was mentiond when the USPS unveild a stamp to commemorate the 50th anniversary of that milestone film.

& I was there.  I was there because when I heard abt the event I notified its organizers that the film's leading lady May McAvoy was still around. & I escortd May's dear friend Lois Wilson to the ceremony at the soundstage where the film was shot & the all-star lunch following at the Palladium.

so all day I've been swimming in memories of the history of Hollywood & how my own has been intersecting it for so many years.

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