23 August 2013

brothers in life & song

as an undergrad I heard the Brothers Four.  they were a folk quartet known for the hit "Greenfields." but they weren't actual brothers -- simply in the same college fraternity.

today I heard 2 sets of real brothers who are Santa Fe Opera apprentices: David & Jonathan Blalock    Joseph Blaine & Joshua Dennis. this was a community event. it took place at Whole Foods.  quite a challenging venue. but with all the background noise there still was a sort of sweetness abt it taking place in all that bustle.

it was only a half hour beginning & ending with all 4 tenors. in between the Blalocks sang Sondheim's "Agony"   the Dennis twins sang a terrific duet abt brothers which I hadn't heard before.  & each man had his own solo. the appreciative audience was a blend of shoppers & several other SFO apprentices.

here I am with the Blalocks:

for me the opera season began with Jonathan Blalock who sang at a Friends of Dorothy event there. & so today it ends with him as well. thank you young man. I wish you well in yr career & yr life.


Alex Gildzen said...

Joe Dennis informs me the duet he & his brother did was from "The Secret Garden."

Alex Gildzen said...

just lookd it up: "Lily's Eyes"