08 August 2013

for years

it was my belief that Shep Houghton was the only actor to have appeard in both of MGM's 1939 classics "Gone With the Wind" & "The Wizard of Oz."

if Houghton is still alive he'll be 100 next year.  he began his career as a child in silent films & appeard in small roles (often as a dancer) in countless hits. but he is not one of the 2 surviving Munchkins the press mentiond yesterday.

& in fact his Oz credit is suddenly gone from his IMDB credits.

also -- while factchecking this I discoverd that 96 year-old Dorothy Barrett who I met when the Munchkins got their star in front of Grauman's also had a bit in GWTW (altho IMDB fails to include that as well).

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