01 September 2012

maybe it was the blue moon

but once again something happend in a dream that was so startling it woke me up.

I was getting out of an elevator at Chateau Marmont & there in front of me was Denise Gainer.  because in reality I hadn't seen her in decades she was as young & fresh & beautiful as I rememberd her. but strangely in the dream I knew she was dead.  & it was the shock of seeing someone you know is dead that shook me so I woke immediately.

& as I lingerd there wondering if I shd try to go back to sleep I rememberd she was the first girl I ever kissd.  & I even rememberd the taste of her kiss. so I got out of bed. I saw that full moon out the window.  I grabbd my camera & went outside to get a few shots,

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richard lopez said...

beautiful piece.

i had a dream too that i was with a poet-friend [can't remember who it was but i remember an intimacy that we shared so i know it was someone close to me] and we were reading a book of another poet of our acquaintance. not a fictive poet but someone who just published a book. the reading and the comments we shared in the dream were absolutely real. when i awoke i thought i'd already read the book [i hadn't] and thought to write to my friend about our conversation. until the fog cleared and now i can't remember anything but the sensation of the dream.