28 September 2012

"The Nearness of You"

in Postcard Memoirs I recount my counselor at Camp Iss-See-Kes singing that song.  I wrote that my memory was it was the summer I was 10.  but looking at an old album I found these camp pictures from the summer I was only 8.

memory from that far back is tricky.  I think the counselor I was remembering was Jerry Marshall.  schoolmate Tom Sessler took this double exposure which has me in the dominant image beside Marshall in a sort of shadow image.  that juxtaposition at this far remove seems both appropriate & haunting.

& here's a clearer image of Marshall

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MjB said...

Alex, I liked the Ceylon Junction piece in the pages linked to, above. I remember driving past the Ceylon Junction sign countless times as a kid. Mingo Junction is another local one I recall. I'm not familiar with the camp you attended, but I know the general area. Take care,