18 September 2012

Natalie Schafer (1900-1991)

the blogosphere is comparing the Romneys to the Howells on "Gilligan's Island."  I'm loving it because it's bringing some attention to Natalie Schafer who playd Lovey Howell.

she had a long career appearing on stage on screen on tv.  she did a guest spot on "I Love Lucy" & had a wonderful part in Joseph Pevney's "Female on the Beach." I first saw the character actress in "The Killing of Sister George" at Cleveland's Hanna Theater in 1968. but my fondest memory of her was at Shrine Auditorium in 1987.  I was there for an all-star production calld "Happy Birthday Hollywood." those sitting in center orchestra were seatd by celebs.  & my celeb was none other than Schafer.  of course she was nearing 90 so was a bit delicate but still steady.  I recall her looking closely at my ticket then leading me down to my seat. such a sweet moment.


Bill Fogle said...

When I was 13 I adored this woman. I nicknamed my (sort of) girlfriend "Lovie." That same year, in the sixth grade, there was this beautiful American Indian girl seated ahead of and to the right of me. She had butt-length ebony hair that shone like black corn silk or the furry whateveritwas of the black light posters that were so popular then. She turned around to me, fixed my attention, and calmly said "You're a homosexual. It's OK." I'd never been so ripped apart before -- or since, really.

Alex Gildzen said...

wonderful story Bill