23 September 2012

bacon jewelry

in my dream I was designing a line of jewelry made from bacon. after twisting bacon into forms I then coverd them in some sort of plastic.


Tom Beckett said...

I love that dream. Bacon jewelry would be great. Bacon clothing, too.Bacon underthings. Bacon couture!

You've made my day, Alex. As you often have.

Alex Gildzen said...

bacon underwear..... how lickable.

richard lopez said...

friday a co-worker brought in chocolate covered bacon. she handed me my own ziplock baggie. i said, what's this? she said, that's chocolate covered fakin bacon i made for you because i know you don't eat meat.

how'd it taste? like chicken.

what's up with this bacon craze?

Alex Gildzen said...

I enjoy both bacon & chocolate -- but not together.