06 July 2011

RIP Jane

it's good to see that the national press is covering the death of Jane Scott & that the obits are so full of affection.

I met her before she startd covering rock. she was the "teen editor" at the Plain Dealer & I representd my high school at a group of teen journalists for the Press. it was more than a half century ago so my memory is shaky. I remember that the Press sent me to a national gathering of high school reporters in Dearborn which resultd in my first airplane ride.

& I seem to recall the Press' teen editor cdn't come so Jane took me under her wing. it was a long time ago but it's easy to remember her joviality & kindness.


H A R R Y G O A Z said...

What a WONDERFUL photograph outside of the plane !

AlexG said...

many thx Harry. BTW I love " Twin Peaks."