14 July 2011

note to my literary executor

there is creation & then there is its aftermath. I've been making poems & art since I was a child. not all of it has been splendid but even the pieces that make me wince represent how I was at a certain moment.

I've tried to gather a collectd poems but the project falters. I suspect it's because what I'm creating now seems more important. however I have a few dream projects that I hope to live long enuf to see.

Ohio Triangle is nearing completion. if I prod myself it may finish by year's end.

The Verse Journals wd bring together Dec. '70: Ohio & The Year Book & Swimming. perhaps an epilog cd be my contribution extractd from February 03.

then a sort of coffee table book which wd cull Mail & More & Making Circles & Current Seas.

finally Alex in Movieland. in my lifetime I can hope that another chunk of this will appear -- perhaps beginning with 1943-1973. because I plan to be adding to this work until my last breath the entire thing will appear posthumously. so I'll never know what reception it has.

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