22 July 2011

passing scene

I took this some years ago.

this was a favorite spot on my walk to the gym. the board with the advertising ("Alaskas") was my addition. my parents found a large wooden crate at a sale & gave it to me when I lived in Ohio. it came with me to New Mexico & for years was a shelter for my cats in the little courtyard off my bedroom. after Melina died I dismantld the crate -- keeping only this single board. for reasons I don't know I decid'd to put it at this site. in the past 5 years I watchd as the elements nearly erased the lettering.

& then this morning as I walkd to the gym I discoverd that the city had destroyd this entire area. some sort of piping is going in. I suspect I'll have to find another way to walk.

nothing lasts.

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