23 July 2011

first time

I heard Dee Dee Bridgewater was in 1973 -- when we both had hair. I remember being blown away. & I remember meeting her in the Kent State Student Center. altho I no longer recall a word that passd between us I retain a memory of us chatting with that famous stairway beside us.

the singer/actress came to Santa Fe & performd at the Lensic last nite. it was the 6th time I've heard her sing. this time the evening was her tribute to Billie Holiday. she's playd Lady Day on stage but this wasn't an impersonation. she used Billie as starting place & inspiration. but the performance was all Dee Dee.

the whole evening was a thrill but one moment particularly shook me. her coruscating rendition of "Strange Fruit" brought shivers.

Bridgewater was blessd with a top notch quartet. a special mention of the amazing (& sexy) Craig Handy.

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