15 July 2011


after Melina died I put her bowl on the back portal & kept it full. the food disappeard. I began to watch & made mental note of who was visiting. the most frequent diner was a white cat. I learnd that he lived in the apartments next door & that his name was Jonathan. it too me a careful year to gain his confidence but we eventually became buddies.

since returning from Yellowstone I hadn't seen Jonathan. on my way back from the gym this morning I saw his owner & askd how he was. she informd me he'd gone to "kitty heaven." when I askd what happend she sd "I can't talk abt it."

altho Jonathan wasn't "mine" I had great affection for him & will miss his visits.

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Bob said...

Sorry for the loss of your buddy. I'm convinced another cat will make its way to visit you because you are like the cat whisperer. You saw how immediately Hilton bonded with his uncle Alex. The animals know.