18 March 2010

some days

I'm full of so much but it won't filter into a poem. today is like that.

on the way home from the gym I walkd the street where a mountain lion was caught yesterday. online I followd Dan Choi chaining himself to a White House fence & being arrestd but when I watchd the evening news there was nothing abt that. I keep waiting for the NY Times to report on Todd Moore's death. I keep waiting for Republicans to say yes   for teabaggers to stop shouting   for the rodent pope to react to the video of that ancient Brazilian priest having sex with an altar boy.

my head is all over the place today. no idea lasts.

I think I'll settle down with a Joan Blondell DVD & a bag of M&Ms.


Stephen said...

I appreciate your solution... a little Joan goes a long way. I went to college with Dick Powell Jr... & he was all that!

AlexG said...

love Joan. the movie was "The Blue Veil" & altho it's a dated tearjerker it had such a great cast.

the only child Joan & Dick had together was a girl. Dick Jr.'s mom was June Allyson. I remember him play his dad in "Day of the Locust" but he seems to have disappeard.