19 March 2010

on the way back

from errands this ayem I saw large paw marks in mud along my arroyo. cd these be from the mountain lion? do I live dangerously while simply walking?


cinemage books said...

sounds like the leopard man, which also took place in New Mexico didn't it.

AlexG said...

haven't seen that film since 1991. forgot abt the New Mexico connection.

Montgomery Maxton said...
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Montgomery Maxton said...

better carry around a raw steak to toss so you can run.

Anonymous said...

"do I live dangerously while simply walking?" ... yes, Alex:
SEE _Zazie_, "every step a step over the abyss"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JII00tnkerk [Eiffel Tower sequence starting at about 5:15 on the progress bar here & continuing at the start of the next segment just below]