23 March 2010

Cherie DeCastro (1922-2010)

I was 11 when "Teach Me Tonight" was a huge success & one of my favorites. the record was the only major hit by the DeCastro Sisters but fixd them forever in my memory bank.

the group began as a sort of Cuban version of the Andrews Sisters. they appeard in a Carmen Miranda movie & "Over the Santa Fe Trail" later making their mark as headliners in Las Vegas. but "Teach Me Tonight" is their legacy.

I can't find my 45 of the song but did dig out this picture from that time which I got from a Cleveland radio station.

Cherie -- who was once married to cowboy star Monte Hale -- was the last surviving sister of the trio.


Bill Fogle said...

I was obsessed with The Andrews Sisters as a little boy. I would have liked these south of the border cousins as well.

Stephen said...

A fabulous song that I find new things in when ever I listen. I have versions as divergent as Dinah Washington, Al Jarreau, Jo Stafford & Liza.

cinemage books said...

Amy Winehouse also did it when she was still fresh, she looks like a nice Jewish girl, no tattoos no behive . You can see it on Y tube.