14 March 2010

guess what?

it's snowing again.


durlx said...

It's around 60 and sunny here today, but we've had twice as much rain already than we usually get all year. There has been snow on the mountains for weeks, but the cherry blossoms are out in the valley. There have also been lots of big puffy clouds in the sky, very unusual, but nice. It's El Nino.

Bill Fogle said...

We're into the early spring rain and wind thing here. Feels odd that DC had the snowfall of its record-keeping history and yet weeks later I walk out in shirt sleeves. Like the renewed affection that follows a violent argument.

Yours truly,
"Equen" (my word verification, and coincidentally my new name)

AlexG said...

f*#k El Nino. I'm sick of all this snow. & it looks like it's gonna continue all nite.