18 November 2009

remembering Bing

one of my all-time favorite xmas presents came from my parents in 1954. it was a box (complete with key)containing 5 Decca lps & a booklet. "Bing: A Musical Autobiography" was playd endlessly on Winckles St. in addition to all of Crosby's hits there were duets with everyone from Judy Garland to the Andrews Sisters.

what made me take this childhood artifact from its shelf was the memory of his duet with Jane Wyman in a Frank Capra film I haven't seen in ages. it's on TCM tonite & even tho it's on no one's list of Capra's best films I can't wait to see it again. if for nothing else the movie has a cast which wd delight any cinephile -- everyone from silent star H. B. Warner to an extremely young Patty McCormack.


cinemage books said...

sweet memory, but I can't stand bing crosby.

Alex Gildzen said...

we all have our likes & dislikes. Crosby & Hope are so tied to my childhood it's hard for me to divorce a sort of affection for them.

Stephen said...

& the song was written with words by Johnny Mercer, of who I blogged today.

What a lovely memory. You writing is elegant & succinct.

Alex Gildzen said...

yes Stephen I read yr blog entry. & today is a particular Mercer birthday to celebrate: 100.

I not only recall Crosby & Wyman singing that song from the album but I have a picture of them singing it in the Capra film in one of movie star scrapbooks I kept as a kid.