22 November 2009

I'm walking

along Winckles St to Garford School
    to absorb books in the tiny library
down East Broad to Rivoli Theater
    to see faces on a big screen
across town to Elyria High
    to struggle with algebra
between Euclid & Prospect
    for plays & Chinese food
from Stopher Hall to Stag Bar
    to get drunk
from Twin Lakes to Stag Bar
    to get drunker
up 8th Ave to 42nd St
    in the middle of the nite
down Kings Rd
    in search of men
up Commercial St
    in search of more men
from Chateau Marmont to Grauman’s Chinese
    to chase history
over bridges
    all across Venice
from the top of Meteora
    down to Kalambaka
from Copacabana to Ipanema
    to watch the sun set
beside the curves
    of Serpent Mound
from Brother Abdon to the Plaza
    for carne adovada
from Bourbon to Louisa
    to swim naked
along Ramon Rd
    to look for pennies

I’m walking
    I’m still walking


durlx said...

Wonderful, Alex.

cinemage books said...

Really like this poem alot my dear friend. thanks for listening.

Bill Fogle said...

Really enjoyed reading this. So exciting that you're putting more of your poetry out there (out here).

richard lopez said...

very nice. might you walk for a long, long, long time.

Jesus Crisis said...

Dig this!