20 November 2009

anyone else gulity?

I don't follow soaps. but I just watchd "General Hospital." yup. I fell for the hype. James Franco is a fascinating young actor. & I wantd to see him in this unusual venue.

altho I had no idea who the characters were or the plot   it was easy to fall into the show. before Franco spoke a line there were tears   shouting   cheating   murder. but by the end of the hour we finally see that handsome face. Franco plays a Banksy-like artist by the name of Franco. the p.r. of the entire event is superb. esp since Franco not only promotes his own career but that of his younger brother. a promo for Dave Franco's upcoming appearances on "Scrubs" is prominent. whoever put this package together deserves the salary one presumes he or she gets.


Montgomery Maxton said...

banksy and franco

oh my oh my

malibu boy said...

I am innocent to the ways of General Hospital. But guilty guilty guilty for Bo and Hope on Days of Our Lives. Started watching them in college when they filmed scenes at Oak Alley Plantation near New Orleans.

AlexG said...

don't know much abt soaps. in days gone by "All My Children" used to precede our local noon news. so I'd often catch the tail end of shows before learning of the latest murder in Albuquerque. was always fun to see vets like Ruth Warrick & Eileen Herlie -- as well as whatever hunk du jour (Josh Duhamel etc.) was then appearing.